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L & S Band 1W Cofdm Amplifier

1W Cofdm Amp

Market leading performance, size and reliability, simply the best 1W Cofdm Amp on the market from the worlds premier Cofdm amplifier design company. Ultra efficient with the best spectral regrowth performance available. Ideal for battery powered operation and covert deployment.

ModelABMA-1025-30 (-S)
Frequency Range1000-2500MHz (gain tuned 1000-1500 and 2000-2500MHz)
Output Power1W COFDM or CDMA
Bandwidth1500MHz standard
DC Power (no RF)12V at 0.16A nominal (11-18V operational)
DC Power (+30dBm)12V at 0.48A nominal (11-18V operational)
Size and Mass71 x 49 x 14mm - 85g
CoolingBase plate cooled
Operating Temperature0°C - +45°C (ambient)
EnableON/OFF 0V = OFF, + 5V = ON (TTL)
RF Performance
Small Signal Gain 1.5GHz14dB nominal
Small Signal Gain 2.5GHz15dB nominal
Power Gain At +30dBm 1.5GHz13.5dB nominal
Power Gain At +30dBm 2.5GHz14.5dB nominal
Gain Variation< 1.0dB ACROSS 1100-1400 AND 2000-2500MHz
Spectral Re-Growth> -32dBc TO -36dBc AT 1W nominal (* UNDER TEST CONDITION A)
Spectral Re-Growth> -32dBc TO -36dBc AT 1W nominal (* UNDER TEST CONDITION B)
Harmonics 1.5GHz> -30dBc 1000-1500MHz nominal
Harmonics 2.5GHz> -60dBc 2000-2500MHz nominal
VSWR Input / Output< 2.0:1 nominal
Mismatch ToleranceVSWR >10:1 all phase angles at 1W out
RF Input / OutputSMA Female
DC PowerFeed Through
EnableFeed Through
Optional EnableTTD high speed switched version –S to part number when ordering

* Test Condition A: +20dBm TX backed off for +30dBm out of PA

* Test Condition B: +20dBm TX at full +20dBm with attenuator before PA

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