Aber Electronics



ABER manufactures a range of RF amplifiers from miniature 1W Cofdm amplifiers to High Power broadband amplifier modules.

Our amplifier range includes RF Power Amplifiers, Cofdm Power Amplifiers, Linear Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Rack mount Amplifiers with full remote operability and more.

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ABER manufactures a range of antennas from covert pcb antennas to marine quality colinear omni antennas and high gain sector antennas. Our sector antenna offers 100 degrees horizontal beamwidth this means 360 degree coverage is possible with 4 sector antennas ideal for a mobile broadcast situation.

Our antenna range includes Wifi Antennas, Marine Antennas, Omni Directional Antennas, Directional Antennas, Hemi Omni Antennas, High Gain Sector Antennas, Broadcast Antennas, Patch Antennas and more.


ABER manufactures a range of filters from small aluminium cavity filters to pcb lumped element filters, we can cover most frequencies from DC to 18GHz.

Our filter range includes bandpass, low pass, high pass, diplexers and more.